TS Kondharaman

Tribute to a Great Father, Friend, Guide and Philosopher. We will follow his Principles, Values and Ethics throughout our Journey.

DATE OF BIRTH 26-05-1933 – DATE OF DEMISE 14-02-2018

Promoters Profile

The Promoter of GSW Technologies Shri.T.K.Seetharaman’s ancestral background history makes an urge to start a Trading business by representing innovative products.

The company management ancestors hailing from Siddhamalli of Tamil Nadu had migrated to Kerala in the early 1785 AD. The Family Deity is ANGALAPARAMESWARI SAMETHA THANDAVARAYA SWAMY a small temple that is situated in Kattumannarkoil ,Tamil Nadu.

The Ancestors of the Promoter of the company were Educationalist, Scholars and Advisors to the then Kings. The title “DIWAN BAHADUR “ was conferred upon to one the fore fathers Shri.T.R.Ramachandra Iyer by the Government in recognition of his service to society. He Cherish a desire to build a temple for LORD RAMA as the Lord wa the favoured deity of the Family. He bought the necessary land in Poonkunnam ,Thrissur, Kerala and built Sree Seetharamaswamy Temple and the congregation ceremony of the temple was held on 13th June 1895. Even today all the Trikkur familly before moves out of the village, circles the temple and seek the blessings of Shri Lord Rama and move forward to their daily routine works.


Shri T.R.Ramachandra Iyer in view of generating more employment started the First Textile Mills. M/s. Sitaram Spinning and Weaving Mills situated in Poonkunnam, Thrissur City of Kerala, India in the early 1940s. The spinning wing has the capacity of 12,000 spindles. The mill also has a capacity to process 40,000 meters of cloth every day. Later the Government of Kerala took over the mills.

The ancestors diversified their business empire to various fields including Educational Institutions, Retailing of Textiles, Consumer Products, Jewellery and Film Industries. As on today they have grown as a corporate business houses in India and Abroad with presence in all over the globe with registering a strong Trusted Brand name.

With the inspiration and Motivation of the above ancestral history Shri. T.K. Seetharaman grandson of Shri.T.R.Seetharama Iyer under the guidance of his Father Shri.T.S.Kodhandaraman started Global Sourcing Works & Technologies (GSW Technologies) with the blessings of SHRI LORD RAMA.

The company intend to do Fair business practices and ethics.

We continually strive to be a great company. GSW TECHNOLOGIES is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. Moreover, our efforts extend beyond providing outstanding products and services to those who need them. GSW TECHNOLOGIES is implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation, and strengthening organizational and associates capabilities. GSW TECHNOLOGIES continuously seeks to develop technologies and products that will have a greater impact on workers’ safety.

Lord Rama in Golden Chariot at Sree Seetharamaswamy Temple at Punkunnum, Thrissur, Kerala.

Lord Rama

Sree Seetharamaswamy Temple at Punkunnum,
Thrissur , Kerala

Sree Seetharamaswamy

The Promoter Shri.T.K. Seetharaman is having a wide experience in Sales Engineering and Projects with Robotics and Automation.

He has started his career in sales and marketing as his core talent and worked in the Field of Motors, Pneumatics, Robotics Automation, PLC Automation & SCADA.

He has worked with renowned Robots manufactuer in the world and has integrated wide ranges of systems in Arc Welding, Machine Tending, Spot Welding, Painting etc.

He has wide experience , worked with a world renowed BIW System integrator and implemented projects for Automotive Sector as a project manager.

TK Seetharaman

Our Culture

Our team are the foundation of our success, and we invest in them, so they can provide our customers with the best service possible. We have built a phenomenal team of engineers through in-depth technical training, partner events, and mentoring.

We mix our incredible work ethic with cutting-edge technology to help our customers succeed.

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